Companies today are looking to stand out. Business has evolved and having the competitive edge requires expertise. That’s where Neci Consulting fits into your vision. Everyone knows timing is everything in business. Its time to Partner with Neci Consulting to ensure your companies viability in an ever changing market.

Neci Consulting Partners

In business its key to align yourself with the right partners. Here at Neci Consulting we understand that having the right partners bring unsurpassed value to our customers. That’s why we established partnerships with the Industry Leading Companies.


In todays economy competition is fierce as ever. Companies must change, adapt and innovate to stay ahead.

Neci Consulting specializes in developing key strategies that increase market share by leveraging technology and maximizing efficiency’s.

Our team at Neci Consulting is driven by success. Nothing get us more excited than building success plans for our customers and then seeing that plan exceed their expectations.

Neci Consulting is lead by Crystal Watterson
Crystal heads Neci Consulting with 20+ years of leading fortune 100 companies. Her experience and expertise has become invaluable to Neci clients.



Neci Consulting

Think you have a solid corporate brand? What happens when your company is hacked due to a security breach? Will your brand survive and can you survive the financial strain it will cause your business? If the security question is not top of mind for business owners and C-Level Executives it should be. We have …


Neci Consulting is dual headquartered in Indiana and Georgia. Our hands on approach places us at our customers locations. We fully emirs into our customers business so we fully understand the day to day operations. This allows us to develop the most comprehensive solution to meet your corporate goals.