Making the switch to Fiber Internet

A few years ago the thought of having fiber based internet was only for the few businesses out there that were in a lucky location. Now Fiber internet is almost everywhere and that’s great for business. You can now ready speeds up to 1G to support your business. The speeds on fiber come in a lot of options based on Upload and Download speeds (AKA: Egress and Ingress). Lets look more at what this means.

Internet comes in several flavors. First is a BROADBAND solution.

Broadband is a internet service that usually has a higher download speed and a slow upload speed. It is also designed as an UP TO Speed offer which means is might not reach or could fluctuate speeds within the speed range you subscribe. This type of service also does not include a Service Level Agreement which means if the service goes down or has issues you could wait several hours or days for it to be fixed. These solutions are great for low cost quick to install small office applications that could still function or conduct business even if service is interrupted. Another great feature with this service is that you can usually subscribe to voice service (Voice over IP) which can provide a substantial decrease in cost as most traditional analog voice lines are billing at $120.00 per line. Voice on Broadband is usually limited to 6 lines so if you need more you will need to look at a higher lever of service.

The next step up from Broadband is Dedicated Internet Service. This service usually begins at 10MB and goes up to 1G. Speeds above 1G are available but require special requests and can take some time to order and install. The Dedicated Internet service includes a Service Level Agreement which guarantees your speed and service availability. Depending on the provider it could include restore times along with Latency, Jitter, throughput and so on with the SLA. Don’t expect Broadband prices here.. This service is for businesses that need reliability and uptime so plan to pay more. Entry level for 10MB Fiber today runs on average of $500.00 per month with little to no installation fee. Voice is an easy add on to Dedicated Internet. Voice is delivered as VOIP and can come in many options (Hosted or Dedicated) where is can even support older phone systems up to the latest IP PBX. The number of lines is almost unlimited but starts at 6 and can go to several hundred as needed.

So, what solution is right for your business? Great question and certainly something we can help answer for you. As experts in the business we can design the right solution at the best price. Email or call us today for a free consultation and proposal.